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January 2016 issues

Bridge Leeds castle Ash cover jan Mdst cover jan Shep cover jan Ashford cover Feb 16 Shepway cover Feb 16 Maidstone cover Feb 16

February 2016 issues

Ashford cover march Maidstone cover march Shepway cover March

March 2016 issues

Ashford Centre High Res Shepway cover April Ashford cover April Maidstone cover April

April 2016 issues

Ashford cover May Maidstone cover May Shepway cover May

May 2016 issues

Ashford June 16 cover Maidstone June 16 cover Shepway june 16 cover

June 2016 issues

Folkestone Leas Ash July cover Shep July cover maidstone July cover

July 2016 issues

Back to Top Tesco stand

In addition to our extensive door to door deliveries you can also pick up an Advertiser from all the major supermarkets during the month

Ash cover sep 16 Shep cover sep 16 Mdst cover sep 16

September 2016 issues

Shepway stand

One of our stands in Morrisons Supermarkets

ash cover oct 16 Shep cover Oct 16 Maid cover Oct 16

October 2016 issues

Ash cover Nov 16 Shep cover Nov 16 Mdst cover Nov 16

November 2016 issues

December 2016 issues

Ash cover dec 16 Shep cover Dec 16 Mdst cover Dec 16